Points to Ponder: History and Religion and Their Dual Impact on Community Relations

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Points to Ponder: History and Religion and Their Dual Impact on Community Relations

Race is an Historical and Religious problem. Europe and its heir European America exploited this fact to their advantage and in so doing displaced nations by taking their histories as their own, through the use of myths and legends. Europeans redefined the world, rearranged natural boundaries,built a "scientific" system from the combined efforts from the works of the best minds before them and in so doing discovered a way to invent alternate realities at will. The earliest technology to convey these alternate realities was aptly called TV, short for Tell-a-Vision (television) or tell-the-vision. The fact that "reality TV" is so popular is no accident. Consumers like sheep without a shepherd can be led by anyone, into anything, anywhere and anytime the "leader" chooses. Together we can retrain our communities how to "Question Authority" and present solutions. The Grassroots level is the most important political level. Whether you know it or not YOU ARE IMPORTANT...

Ever wonder why or how cults grow out of religion? Are there situations happening in your community that you feel helpless to engage in or confront? I have been a community researcher for nearly 30 years. Fill in the opt-in form and subscribe. The first 52 subscriptions are free. You get unlimited questions answered concerning history and religion for 30 days. All answers will direct you to relevant research. Use this research for content in newsletters, for blog entries or community related articles. Research solutions will never be for sale but donations will be accepted if you feel our services are a help to you...

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