Points to Ponder: History and Religion and Their Dual Impact on Community Relations

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Evolution Of Racism: It's How You Say It

In a Monday, October 11, 2010 USA Today article by Paul Davidson Money Section B we are confronted with two revelations. One, the language of racism has evolved and two, most victims of racism are clueless and defenseless.

The article basically says there are jobs but you my little nigglet aren't getting any. That's not true many of you will counter. Things are better. Yes and no. Yes, America still has problems but if I am qualified I still have a chance, you say. Stop defending what you don't understand. Yes, America, not Black people, elected its first not completely white person. Hooray. It was a set up. A political coup de tat. And I believe, under the circumstances our President is doing a commendable job. However, the President's Economic Recovery Stimulus Program is purposely being stalled at all levels.

Go to Recovery.gov and check out your neck of the woods. There are millions in my county just sitting waiting for the Republicans to take over and offer a real fix. You will notice that money is in place, lots of money for jobs, for training and re-training but it sits day after day, week after week why most complain that Obama is not doing his job. BS. I say we (citizens) aren't doing our job, holding those accountable who lord it over us. I know, I got off track a bit to make a point. There is no logical defense against racism. None, natta, zero.

The USA Today article says "jobs are starting to open up again". Check the language: "Employers are thinking about hiring. They're advertising openings. They're just not hiring - at least in big numbers. Not yet". Check this out. According to a recent Us Labor Department Turnover Survey "job openings rose by 33%, in the year ended in August, while hirings edged up 4%. In evolved racist lingo this means: "hirings will pick up if conditions improve". But, what controls "conditions"? People in positions of power control "conditions". Now, there are plenty of justifications as to why there are plenty jobs but hirings are slow. Jeff Torres CEO of Manpower, the largest temp organization in the country has this to say - "part of the problem is a mismatch of skills". Most unemployed people realize this. This is why the President's Economic Stimulus Program is basically being ignored. If given a chance workers with mismatched skills could undergo re-training in deficient areas.

One company surveyed has more than a 1000 applications on file to fill 100 jobs but refuse to hire until the "right people" comes along. Not qualified people, right people. Others in positions to hire are talking "culture". Being a "team player" is no longer valid to keep certain people out of the job market. Now, unless you are a good cultural fit you probably won't get short listed for that much needed job. Do you own a motor cycle? Do you golf? Do your kids play soccer? Where do you vacation? Do you like camping, hiking or water sports? These types of questions are covered in the application section that says: Tell us a little bit about yourself. It is here that you are culturally stereotyped.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Don't get angry. Get God. Follow his plan for your life. Seek Him first, then realizing that Faith without works is dead, go to the Department of Labor, after you have studied job market projections and request retraining based on your research. Make them change the language again, but never give up...